The work is now finished and handed in.
On Friday we had our critique where the film was well received. We took on board the points raised about the film (which were mainly things we had picked up on) and are now going to re-edit

I’ve uploaded the last render of the intro used in the final film.

Once We’ve finished the re-edit i will upload the the finish work for my final post.


For  more of my work I should be posting shortly on the work that ive done on my personal blog at


Crunch Time!


Crunch Time

Just a quick post to let you know where we are.  four days left till hand in!

Paul Has finished his animation and its look really good! Matt, Luiz and I still have a bit more to do which we will hopefully get done either today or tomorrow.

When i’ve finished mine i can go back and add the title to the end of the opening.

Once the animation has finished we can start compositing  and editing which shouldn’t take more then a day.

I’m looking forward to it all coming together, lets hope we can get it done in time.

ill try and post anything new as its done, if i have time….:)


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My Fault!


Finally up to date!

Here’s the first line test of ‘Paddy’ I did yesterday which I posted to the group to get feedback.  They liked it but felt that the eyes/brows needed a bit of work, which i do agree with. I’ll go back to this when i have done the others.

Oh and Toon Booms pretty good once you get used to it…!

Here it is!
The first render came out well for me, there’s a few things I need to add and edit like the timing is slightly too fast so I’ll need to tweak that. I’ll and the curtain open and title at the end but for now I’m working on the lip-sync and I’ll come back to this later.
I’d Hopefully also like to, if ive got time change the floor and add light shades….we’ll see…..



These are the curtains that will open at the end to reveal the title. I designed it in likeness of late 1950’s cinemas to tie in with the theme of the show. They also maintain  the visual style that i have running through out this title sequence.

Now time to see how it all comes together!


A Row of chairs

A Row of chairs

These are the chairs I created for the cinema scene. I’m really pleased with the out come and they remind me of the Spanish artist Iker Ayestaran and his use of vectors with textures.

for the work of  Iker Ayestaran  check out his site!

Production Time

The Corridoor

The Corridor

After an educational mid way presentation we were eager to begin production. The first thing i wanted to work on was the opening sequence and aside from creating b-movie posters i did just that.

Above is an image of the walls, floor and door i made in photoshop. I wanted it to have a worn unkempt look to it but still be quite vibrant. I’m not 100% on the floor but am pleased with most of it. I didn’t know how the final image would look until it was in After effects.